Victor Karlovich Stember - Welcome
Victor Karlovich Stember - Welcome

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This website was built and is maintained by direct descendants of Victor Stember to preserve his memory and attempt to catalogue his complete collection of artwork.

We are always searcing for more details about his life to add to his legacy. If you have any information or pictures of Victor's artwork you would like to contribue to this website, please use the link below where you can enter details or upload photos or image files:

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"What a big mistake we, intelligent people, are making by not keeping a diary, by not jotting down successively the events of our life, or our inner reactions. Not only the minor experiences, but also our life's big events are forgotten and disappear without a trace, while we ourselves continue to live as if separated from our past, living only for the present moment, hoping for a future which in its turn gradually passes into oblivion."
- Victor Karlovich Stember
October 25, 1918

The family of Victor Karlovich Stember chose to develop this website of some of his works for the purpose of acquainting the world with his life, his love of painting and the magnificent paintings he produced of the famous and infamous, Prince and servant, family and stranger and always of secluded countrysides in which to pose a lovely lady.

We are fortunate that Victor had the foresight to have many photos taken of the paintings in his studios from an era when photography was a luxury. We are in hopes that this pictorial documentation will be used by collectors and museums who might have some of his paintings and contact us so we could include additional information of their whereabouts.

The paintings depicted in the site come from a variety of sources, most notably from the artists daughter Natasha who fled Russia preceding the 1917 Revolution and the artists wife Nadia who was able to leave Russia a few years later to join her daughter in New York. They brought family photos, some of the paintings with them and monumental treasures of Victors Memoirs and a Diary of the last three years of his life. The Diary is printed here in its entirety and when read will present a "Zhivago-esque" story of the Stember family during the 1917 Revolution; a story of love, loss, uncertainty and in the end the death of the artist. It is truly remarkable and moving and the family encourages readers to enjoy it. It was translated to English in 1985 by Olga Fuhrman, a family member.

Other photos have been contributed by family members of the artist who are still in Russia and through their efforts to locate additional paintings. Still others have been found through diligence of family and friends who continue to search and discover his art. It is the hope of the family that this website produces additional information, clarification and expansion of the knowledge of the art by this notable artist, Victor Karlovich Stember.

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