Victor Karlovich Stember - Gallery

Below you will find the current collection of Stember's artwork, however there are several pieces that still remain missing. Even though photography was not easily available during his time, luckily Victor was able to photograph some of his later work which may appear in the gallery as the only available image to display. Unfortunately color photography was unheard of at the time to bring out the true appearance and vibrance of the artwork. The black and white photos are all that remain until a newer photo can be taken and hopefully donated to this website for use in the gallery.

If you have any images or information regarding the location of Victor Stember's artwork that does not appear in this gallery, please
contact us and the family will be greatly appreciative. Each image in the gallery also contains a specific "Send a message about this artwork" link that will directly tie your message to the artwork. You may also upload your own images of the artwork that will be credited to you and added to the gallery.

The gallery is a continuous work in progress and any available details will appear underneath each image including:
  • Title of the artwork
  • Year the artwork was created
  • Last known location of the artwork
  • Interesting details/facts about the artwork
  • Any excerpt from Victor Stember's diary where he specifically mentions the artwork
  • Stember's original photo of the artwork
  • Links to any Studio or Family Photos where the artwork is visible
  • Photo of a postcard that was created using the artwork
  • A larger/fullsize image of the artwork